China Diaries of BLS Law Librarian: Part 5: Law student Lovy (Helen) Lee

When I gave my presentation to 20+ law librarians, Peking University Law School graduate student Lovy (Helen) Lee was my outstanding interpreter.  Since she introduced herself to me by her English name, Helen, I will refer to her as Helen.

Helen is a bright, caring law student who is completing a paper about taxation of intercompany income. In future, she plans to apply to American LL.M. programs in taxation.  I hope that some members of the BLS community will be able to meet this outgoing young woman. Helen reminds me of the leaders of BLSPI! Last year, during her school break, Helen and a group of her law school classmates volunteered to teach school in a rural Southern province of China. Because the children’s parents needed them to work on farms, it was difficult for some of the children in this province to receive an education. Helen and her classmates lived and taught in very difficult conditions. When the student-teachers’ supply of bottled drinking water ran out, Helen stated: “we boiled and drank the local water, but we all got stomach aches.” Helen did more than teach these children during her school intercession–she and her family later hosted three of them as their guests in Beijing. “I wanted to give them a dream,” Helen emphasized. She noted, with regret, that the children’s parents would only spare them from farm obligations for a week-long visit.

After Helen completes her paper, she will need to complete an internship before she can receive her graduate law degree. She plans to apply for an internship to the International Labor Organization.