China Diaries of BLS Law Librarian: Part 3

On Tuesday, Law Library Director Zhihong Chen and her senior staff gave Ken and me a fascinating tour of the Law Library of Peking University Law School. We reviewed the library’s diverse collection of international and foreign law periodicals, and noted the availability of HeinOnline’s legal databases. Director Chen graciously permitted us to examine legal texts that were hundreds of years old. These were part of the library’s rare books collection. They were beautifully preserved texts in old-style Chinese calligraphy. My law student friend and guide, Jenny, explained that one of the texts described Chinese criminal investigation procedures.

Following our tour, Director Chen and her entire staff treated Ken and me to a sumptuous feast of Chinese delicacies in Peking University’s faculty dining hall. The librarians expressed great interest in the BLS faculty/librarian liaison program.

At Director Chen’s request, I will make a presentation to leading Chinese law librarians this coming Thursday. I will speak about trends in U.S. academic law librarianship, and will highlight some of the services that our staff provides to faculty.

China-U.S. Summit: Law Library Director Chen and Prof. Ken Davis discuss China's legal system