Library Study Room Reservations: Saturday, December 5, 2009 to Tuesday, December 22, 2009

During the reading and exam periods, Brooklyn Law School Library Study Rooms are kept locked and must be reserved at the circulation desk.  Fall Semester 2009 reservation period is Saturday, December 5 through Tuesday, December 22, 2009.

Only groups of two or more students may reserve one study room.  Rooms may only be reserved for periods of up to four hours per day.

Reservations for a study room must be made in person at the Brooklyn Law School Library Circulation Desk.  

New reservation sheets are put out each morning at 9:30am for the next day’s reservations (7am-5pm weekdays & 9am-5pm weekends).  New sheets are put out at 5:30pm for the next evening’s reservations (5pm-2am; however, the library cellar will close at 12am during this period). The names of the members of the group must be entered in each one hour block of time in the reservation book.

On the day and time of your reservation, one member of the group must go to the circulation desk to charge out the key to the study room.  If the group is 15 minutes late, the group loses the room.

The key to the room must be returned to the circulation desk at the end of your reservation.

Cancelling your reservation: Please remember that students may cancel their study room reservations by phoning the circulation desk or emailing the circulation desk.  They were told that all cancelations should be made at least one hour before their scheduled reservation is to begin.  All reservations, however, must be made in person.

Phone:  718-780-7973