Professor of Law Robin J. Effron’s Blog

BLS Assistant Professor of Law Robin J. Effron has her an interesting blog post on the Civil Procedure & Federal Courts Blog about Tummino v. Hamburg (password required) available on Westlaw at 2009 WL 2762822. The opinion by Eastern District of New York Judge Edward R. Korman (BLS Class of 1966 and Vice Chairman of the Board at BLS) addresses the issue of standing in connection with a motion by three Christian lobbying groups to intervene in the case where Judge Korman issued an order in March 2009 directing the Food and Drug Administration to allow the marketing of the emergency contraceptive Plan B to 17-year-olds without a prescription. Judge Korman’s August 27 ruling refused to allow the three groups who oppose abortion to intervene to challenge the ruling, holding that Concerned Women for America, Christian Medical & Dental Associations and Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International failed to show they were harmed by his March 23 ruling and thus lacked standing to challenge his decision to allow over-the-counter sales of the pill.

Prof. Effron joined Brooklyn Law School’s faculty in 2008 and teaches several courses including Civil Procedure, Comparative Contract Law Seminar and International Business Transactions. Her scholarly publications are available on her Selected Works page.

Included in the BLS Library databases is the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) which hosts computer-mediated legal instruction and lessons on a variety of legal topics. On the topic of civil procedure, standing and motions for intervention, see the CALI lesson called Joinder of Claims and Parties (password required). Obtain the authorization code from one of the BLS Law Librarians.