The Legal Workshop

A new website, The Legal Workshop, provides plain language summaries of articles published by member journals. The mission of the site is to feature “op-ed” versions of the articles published in the member journals. The concise summaries are written for a generalist audience and combine the best elements of print and online publication.

The site states that each Legal Workshop Editorial undergoes rigorous editorial treatment and quality screening and that readers can offer comments. Academics can submit response pieces, which are checked for citations and substance.

By aggregating the work of multiple law reviews, The Legal Workshop is able to provide frequently updated content. New article-based content is posted every Monday and most Wednesdays and Fridays. The Legal Workshop provides a one-stop forum for readers wishing to stay abreast of contemporary legal scholarship.

Currently member journals include

  • Cornell Law Review
  • Duke Law Journal
  • Georgetown Law Journal
  • New York University Law Review
  • Northwestern University Law Review
  • Stanford Law Review
  • University of Chicago Law Review