Episode 018 – Conversation with Professor Ann Althouse

Episode 018 – Conversation with Professor Ann Althouse.mp3

Visiting Professor of Law Ann Althouse joins the faculty at Brooklyn Law School this academic year from the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison, where she has been a Professor of Law since 1984. At BLS, Professor Althouse teaches Constitutional Law and Federal Courts and the Federal System. In today’s conversation, we discuss Prof. Althouse’s popular blog, Althouse, which she has written since 2004, posting photographs and commentary on law, politics, and popular culture. Prof. Althouse also addresses the impact of blogs on the future of legal scholarship citing her 2006 article Why A Narrowly Defined Legal Scholarship Blog Is Not What I Want: An Argument In Pseudo-Blog Form from the issue of the Washington University Law Review on bloggership.

For the past twenty years, Prof. Althouse has made significant contributions to traditional legal scholarship. See a list of her key scholarly works in Wikipedia. She has been a guest columnist for the New York Times. And if you can’t get enough of the divine Ms. Althouse, check out Audible Althouse for a collection of pod casts talking about blogging and other topics.