BLS Law Students for Veterans Rights

One of the newest BLS student organizations, Law Students for Veterans Rights is devoted to representing veterans in the New York City area. Law students offer veterans returning from combat help in resolving problems of inadequate medical care, delays in benefits, treatment and rehabilitation for injuries, homelessness, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic problems and reintegration into civilian life. The organization works with other local public service groups such as Iraq War Veterans, LGBT Veterans of New York City, Congressional Advocacy groups and a clinic of 10 New York City law firms.

Elizabeth Towell, Class of 2009, and Susannah Ashton, Class of 2009, talk about the work of the Law Students for Veterans Rights. They also discuss the film When I Came Home which the group will screen on Wednesday, March 5 at 5pm in Geraldo’s at Feil Hall. The film features homeless American veterans who served in Vietnam and the current war in Iraq and looks at the challenges they face in obtaining veterans’ benefits.

Episode 017 – Conversation with Law Students for Veterans Rights.mp3