Student Day Against the Death Penalty

As part of a nationwide day educating and protesting capital punishment sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild, the BLS chapters of the National Lawyers Guild and ACLU held an event on Thursday, February 28 at the Law School. More information on the work of the National Lawyers Guild and the Student Day Against the Death Penalty on March 1, 2008 is available at the website of the NLG.

The BLS occasion featured a screening of the 2005 Court TV film, The Exonerated, Guilty until Proven Innocent which was directed by Bob Balaban and starred Brian Dennehy, Danny Glover, Delroy Lindo, Aidan Quinn and Susan Sarandon. The movie dramatizes the stories of six people who had been wrongfully convicted of murder, but were later exonerated and freed after spending years on death row. The trailer for the film is posted below.

Bobby Quackenbush, a 2L member of the National Lawyers Guild talks about the film and discusses how the BLS chapter of the NLG under the supervision of Professor Nathaniel Berman works on projects in areas of international human rights, legal issues related to unemployment, labor, affirmative action, veteran rights and law student organizing.

Episode 016 – Conversation with BLS 2L Bobby Quackenbush.mp3

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