Episode 014 – Conversation with Professor Amy Gajda

Episode 014 – Conversation with Professor Amy Gajda.mp3

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Amy Gajda joins the faculty at Brooklyn Law School this spring from the University of Illinois – College of Law, where she is an Assistant Professor of Journalism and Law. While she is with BLS, Professor Gajda is teaching Mass Media and First Amendment and The Law of Higher Education. In today’s conversation, we discuss Prof. Gajda’s law review article What if Samuel D. Warren Hadn’t Married a Senator’s Daughter?: Uncovering the Press Coverage that Led to The Right to Privacy. The article discusses the impetus for the famous law review article The Right to Privacy by Samuel D. Warren and Louis Brandeis in 4 Harvard Law Review 193 (1890) available in HeinOnline. Publication of Prof. Gajda’s article is expected in an upcoming edition of the Michigan State Law Review.