1L Grades Are In — Should You Quit Law School?

Question: I am a first-year law student at a fourth-tier regional law school and I got my grades about a week ago. They were below average for my class, and I have been very depressed lately. … How do I evaluate whether I should drop out of law school and do something entirely different? I really want to be a lawyer, but I don’t want to do it if I’m not going to be any good at it. Any ideas?

Answer: Some people are better suited to being lawyers than law students. You may be one of them. [Ouch.]

The first year of law school presents a difficult challenge for many students. You are learning new concepts and a new way of thinking. Some students “get it” sooner than others. Sometimes it takes a semester or two, or possibly more, to figure out how to approach legal issues. In a few cases, law is not the right career choice.

Consider whether you like the law, without letting your grades taint your assessment. … Similarly, separate your grades from your comprehension of the course material. …Ask yourself whether you possess the skills and characteristics that lead to success in the practice of law. …
Do not make a hasty decision to drop out of law school. Take time for self-assessment. Explore your options. Benefit from the help that is available to you.

Source: New York Lawyer